Every drawing-style ticket purchased in Tennessee may be entered to earn VIP Rewards® Points and are not eligible for Play It Again! and Second Chance drawings.

Drawing-Style (Eligible for VIP Rewards® Points only)

Game Name
Mega Millions
Tennessee Cash
Cash 4
Cash 3

Every Tennessee Lottery non-winning instant ticket is eligible for a second chance to win and to earn VIP Rewards® Points! See lists below for games eligible for Play It Again! and Second Chance drawings. The Game Number referenced will be the first three (3) digits of the twelve (12) digit Ticket Number located on the back, bottom of the ticket.

Second Chance

Game NumberGame NameGrand Prize

Play It Again!

Game NumberGame NameGrand Prize
374$3,000,000 Mega Cash$3,000,000
426Win For Life$3,000/Week For Life
433$5,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular$5,000,000
526The $100,000 Pyramid$100,000
527Silver Spectacular$2,000,000
530$1,000,000 JACKPOT$1,000,000
532$50,000 JACKPOT$50,000
533Sapphire Blue 7's$200,000
534Franklin's Fortunes$1,000,000*
535$250,000 JACKPOT$250,000
539Millionare 7's$1,000,000*
540$1,000 Mayhem$1,000,000
543Words With Friends$50,000
545$500 Mayhem$250,000
547$200,000 Money Clip$200,000
549More Cash$25,000
554Jumbo Bucks Bingo$75,000
560Millionaire Jumbo Bucks$1,000,000
562Lucky 7's$7,000
563Ruby Red 7's$200,000
564$1,000,000 Fortune$1,000,000
567$10,000 Payday$10,000
569Gridiron Cash$200,000
572Green & Gold$200,000
574Silver & Gold$20,000
581$1,000,000 Cash Bonanza$1,000,000
583Amazing 8's$888
584It Takes 2$20,000
585Instant Bankroll$1,000,000
587Viva Las Vegas$1,000,000
590Lady Luck 7$1,000,000
592Big Money Spectacular$30,000
593The Wizard of Oz$200,000
59521 Blackjack$2,000
596$5,000 Cash$5,000
597Triple Dynamite 7's$20,000
599Ultimate Millions$3,000,000
600100X THE CASH$1,000,000
60110X THE CASH$10,000
60220X THE CASH$50,000
603Wild 7's$1,000
604Triple Diamonds$20,000
60550X THE CASH$250,000
606The Big $5 Ticket$200,000
607Big Money Game$500,000
608Cash On The Spot$500
609Cool $50s$10,000
611$500,000 Super Cash$500,000
612Fireball 7's$7,000
614Win It All$200,000
615Double Sided Dollar$$200,000
616Triple Play$30,000
617Magic 8 Ball$20,000
618Escape to Margaritaville$20,000
619Fast Cash$1,000
620$1 Million Fever$1,000,000
6217 Series$200,000
6227 Wins$1,000
623Joker's Jackpot $200,000
624Instant $500$200,000
625Wild Doubler$5,000
626Wild 10s$25,000
627Wild Cash$250,000
628Wild Cash Bonanza$500,000
629Biscuits and Gravy$1,000
630Double Deuces$20,000
631Royal Jewels$200,000
632$500,000 Holiday Bonus$500,000
633Holiday Treasures$500
634Ugly Christmas Sweater Tripler$20,000
635Holiday Lucky Times 10$200,000
636Color Me Rich$500,000
638Aces and 8s$20,000
639$5 Million Payout$200,000
640Cash Club$400,000
641$200,000 Extra Play$200,000
642Money Money Multiplier$200,000
643Cash Blast$500
644$100 Madness$5,000
645$200 Madness$30,000
646$500 Madness$250,000
647$1 Million Madness$1,000,000
650JUMBO Jumbo Bucks$300,000
651Junior Jumbo Bucks$10,000
652JUMBO BUCKS$50,000
653Lady Jumbo Bucks$75,000
654Jumbo Bucks Bingo$75,000
655Giant Jumbo Bucks$150,000
656Jumbo Bucks Crossword$75,000
660Millionaire Jumbo Bucks$1,000,000
661Jumbo Bucks Seasons - Ghostly / Cold Cash / St. Patrick's / Mother's Day 2016 / Summer / Jack O Lantern / Merry / Valentine's Day 2017 / Mother's Day 2017$75,000
662Lucky 7's$7,000
690Mega Millionaire Jumbo Bucks$2,000,000
700Fabulous 4's$444
701$20 Grand$20,000
703Double it$1,000
704Money Maker$25,000
705Cash Ka-Pow$200,000
706Tennessee Orange$400,000
750JUMBO Jumbo Bucks$300,000
755Giant Jumbo Bucks$150,000
790Mega Millionaire Jumbo Bucks$2,000,000
791Mighty Jumbo Bucks$3,000,000